First blog

My name is Per Kristian, I am 22 years old from Vinstra, Gudbrandsdalen, but I am currently studying Digital Culture at the university in Bergen. My blog will be used to tell my Dikult 103 story, mostly what I learn and create during this semester, but it will also be about my thoughts around the subject and the things we learn.

Dikult 103 will be a challenging subject for me since I am not much of a social media type of person, I have not posted or shared anything on Facebook, I have never had a Twitter account before I started with Dikult 103. Soo posting on a blog regularly will be a challenge for me, but it is a challenge I am looking forward to because it will be a brand-new experience. This Dikult course is also done in a very different way than what I am used to, and honestly not what I prefer, it is a lot more interactive than anything I have ever been a part of, but in the end, I might end up liking it, who knows. Soo all in all I have mixed feelings about this course, but I am open to new things and experiences.

I have always been interested in digital art, so I am looking forward to some aspects of the course, but I have never been much of a creator or artist, I mostly browse websites like reddit or imgur to enjoy other people’s work. I have used tools like photoshop before during some other courses, but it was just the basic stuff, nothing extraordinary. I also have some experience with coding, which I enjoy when it works, I took some courses during high school and then some more coursed when I lived in Trondheim, but again it was nothing huge or special.

This blog post might come in short, but frankly I am not sure what more to write about in my first post, so I will wrap this up now.


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